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It is possible to save costs by reducing inconvenience, time and labor costs from disassembly at the same time. Also by permanently preserving the record by connecting with photographing, image processing apparatus, VTR etc.
The endoscopic inspection doesn’t need data analysis technology like nondestructive equipment such as ET, MT, UT and RT, as it is a visual observation of a sharp high-definition image instead of the wavelength of the radio wave or processed image. 
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What’s next for Mentor Visual iQ?

Connect with experts in real-time using a wireless network
Share screens to make calls, add comments, annotate screens and more
Troubleshoot issues with complex inspections on the spot, without leaving the inspection site
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Main RVI Products Line :Mentor Visual iQ,XL Vu, XL Lv

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I had a great opportunity to prove our stereo measurement on an AH-64 Apache helicopter. This was especially fun for me as I was an Apache Inspector in the Army during my last 2 years of service. To give some background on the application, the first image below highlights the overall AH-64 with the pitch housing highlighted in red. The pitch housing contains the strap pack, which serves as the load bearer for tension and torsion for the main rotor blades when the blades articulate (strap packs in other helicopters are commonly referred to as TT straps or tension/torsion straps). If these fail, there is a potential for serious injury as a blade can be slung from the aircraft.


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